• Unsolved Crimes Volume 1

    Put students in the shoes of today’s forensic scientists as they use evidence and clues to solve elusive scenarios. This new set of cases to crack leads students through many essential forensics lessons and skills.

    From fingerprint analysis to message decoding and analyzing DNA patterns from electrophoresis gels, these multidisciplinary activities aid in development of critical thinking skills and the scientific method.

    Product includes CD with PDF files of a crime file, crime log, suspect chart and crime scene sketch, evidence and clues. Directions and instructions support students and teachers as they work through the investigation. Four separate cases on one CD include: Slime 9, Deathboat, Curse of the Mummy and Alien Invasion.

    Slime 9:
    Professor Karp developed Slime 9 as a means to protect his country from its neighboring enemies – a weapon of peace. Yet it could just as easily be used as a weapon of war – if it fell into the wrong hands. When Karp ends up dead questions arise as to how he died.

    When multimillion dollar lottery winner, Waverly Berg is pulled from the ocean the question is, “How did she die?” Was it an unfortunate accident caused by seasickness or could it be that someone on board the luxury ship wanted her to take her last swim?

    The Curse of the Mummy:
    Might it have been the Curse of Alemcolet that was responsible for why the priceless remains of an Egyptian mummy don’t arrive at the British Museum? Or was it the mummy was worth a tidy sum on the black market?

    Alien Invasion:
    The International Spacelab Galaktos Nine makes an unscheduled early return landing at Edwards Air Force Base following the unfortunate death of crew member Fukudo Hatachi, a noted Japanese inventor, and an Executive Board Member of the rich and powerful Yori Aerospace Company. Early reports from other crew members indicate that Hatachi was behaving wildly as if he was possessed by an alien!

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