• Making Your Own Crime Scene

    Making Your Own Crime Scene is the newest product offered by MSI Forensics. Many teachers would like to integrate a crime scene into their curriculum, but are at a loss as to how and where to begin.

    The Make Your Own Crime Scene CD is filled with all of the directions and paper materials you will need to easily incorporate a crime scene into your class. All you will need to do is to purchase the crime scene evidence and you’ll be ready to go.

    The Word document files allow you to both personalize and customize the activity. Options include using the documents with the provided pictures  or you can add your own pictures, change text and select different killers Рthe choice is yours.

    The CD also provides you with information on how you can easily modify the crime scene to accommodate multiple sections, by changing the killer, evidence or both with very little effort.

    Click the below links to see some sample documents from this product:

    Cover Letter for Students
    Crime Scene Rubric
    Teacher to Do List
    Joey’s Autopsy Report

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