• Fatal Error

    Richard Webster and his crack staff of software developers have locked themselves in a think tank until their ground breaking computer program “Rosebud” is complete. When the doors finally open Webster’s dead body is discovered, apparently strangled by a mouse cord, his prized program erased! A real “Fatal Error.”

    With an introduction to the crime, students will begin their evaluation of the crime scene photos, allowing them to form their initial hypothesis. Additional information will require that students:

    • Extract key information as they analyze lab reports, phone messages, and interviews.
    • Reformulate their original hypothesis (being alert to red herrings) as they gather more information.
    • Arrive at a final conclusion of the murderer’s identity.
    • Reconstruct the events in question.

    Product includes CD with PDF files of a crime file, crime log, suspect chart and crime scene sketch, evidence along with a reference poster containing clues. Directions and instructions support students and teachers as they work through the investigation.

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    Fatal Error Crime Scene Sketch
    Part 1 Information
    Teacher Directions for Fatal Error

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