I know that this current year is in the process of ending (or has already ended for some) and that you need a break, but when I came across this article I thought that you might find it both interesting as well as useful when you begin your planning for next year.  Starting the year with having your students read and analyze the article might prove to be an interesting way to kick-off the year.  With so much attention being paid to forensics, especially in the form of the countless TV shows depicting the application of forensics, it might be both refreshing and revealing to have your students engage in an in-depth discussion of whether forensic science satisfies the accepted definition of a science.

Here is the link to the article: Is Forensic Science Science?

I just came across an article that was written to suggest that the journalism exposing the flaws in forensic science may be just as flawed as the science seems to be.  I believe in providing both sides and so I’ll leave it up to you to make up your mind.  Or better yet, maybe have the students read both articles and let them have a debate.

Here is the link the the second article: Op: Is There Flawed Journalism on Flawed Forensics?

Enjoy your summer break.

Howard Schindler