Interactive Tales from the Poisoner’s Handbook


On the heels of my visit to the NSTA conference in Boston I wanted to share with you a great resource to add to your toxicology unit. Using the best selling book, The Poisoner’s Handbook as a foundation, WBGH and My American Experience have teamed up to to produce a both a DVD and an interactive, online graphic novel with virtual lab activities that will allow your students to follow forensic chemist Alexander Gettler and chief medical examiner Dr. Charles Norris through 1920s New York City as they help solve crimes with groundbreaking forensic science.

Using four case studies of lethal poisons, your students can find the visual evidence, chemical trails, and supporting evidence to uncover the truth and learn some basics about biochemistry as they learn about the impact of poisons on the human body.  Virtual lab activities to detect poisons are included in each case.

Use this link to visit the interactive site.